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"The Brothers Grimm" taught us that good and evil are visibly discernible. Good is always beautiful, and evil (excepting Snow White's Evil Queen) is always ugly; heroines are flawless, while villains are deformed and grotesque.

sex Toys for couples I was wondering about the following: How did you all decide which birth control method was right for you?What was the most decisive factor when you decided which birth control method was best for you? Was it cost, effectiveness, availability, STD protection or side effects?
How was your choice influenced by others? Did you discuss your choice with your partner, your friends, a parent or a doctor beforehand? Where did you get your information to make a good decision on birth control? Did you feel your sex ed in school prepared you well for that decision?And now that you've been practicing your method of choice are you content with it?
Do you think you will try out other methods in the reproductive years ahead of you?And from those of you who aren't sexually active yet how do you think you will decide on your birth control method?For me personally, the most important factor was effectiveness. When I went to the gyno for the first time, I had my heart set on not leaving that office without a pill prescription, even though I was only in a casual relationship at that time.
At the same time I knew though, that I'd still be using condoms for STD protection. sex Toys for couples

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